Friday, June 11, 2010

been a while

so its been a while since I posted my adventures into New EDEN suffice to say I have been a very busy girl and have had little time for correspondance

recently I have hunted down and killed 2 EVE radio DJ's....
I was in my Stealthbomber "Sirrius Star" and happened upon DJ RightRevGoldstien in a low security I just decided to lock him down and fire a salvo at him.....poof dead dj and pod, about a week later I happened upon DJ Checking and again violence Im still out there just doin my best to piss off carebears and make the isk I need for ammo and such....

till next time
bonne chance

Thursday, December 10, 2009

It starts with the beginning

Born on a transport ship heading through Samanuni, Jacqueline Dax, known as Jaci or Daxy by her friends, came into existence. Named by her mother, for a Gallente ancestor. Her father was a Midshipman onboard a Navy Battleship, and the military kept his family moving from station to station. Jacqueline was very fond of her father though she didn’t get to see him much as a result of his work, but she enjoyed the time she spent with him. He gave her a stuffed ursa when she was four that she named Oscar. She was inseparable from her Oscar as it was her one link to her father while he was gone. One day though, when she was about eight, she received the notice that her father had been killed in a skirmish with Gurista’s on a routine patrol. Her mother died soon after due to illness complicated with grief. Jacky was naturally devastated, left alone, an orphan at the age of 8 with only Oscar to keep her company. She was sent to a state run orphanage, where she grew up fast; leaving the scared little girl behind as she became an adult. Naturally, she joined the Navy once she became an adult, and was sponsored to become a capsuleer after passing an aptitude examination with high marks. She continued to serve honorably with the Navy in the militia as a scout, both during and after the Elder War. At some point though, under circumstances deemed classified by Navy officials, she left the militia and joined a freelance mercenary group by the name of "Raiders of the Open Stars", a very tight knit and secretive group. While still on good terms with the group, she has strayed somewhat has aspirations of striking it out on her own. Where she will wander in the future is of yet unknown, but one thing that is sure; is that Oscar will be there by her side.